The projet « The Children are the life Flowers  » at Château d’Asnières

The projet « The Children are the life Flowers  » was selected by @villeasnieres to be exhibited at Asnières castle among other artists’ projects.

In Uzbekistan people say « Bolali uy bozor, bolasiz uy mozor ». That means «The house with children is a bazaar, the house without is a cemetery». Uzbek people love children and call them the flowers of life, so where the name of the project comes from. 

Within this project, messages are written and a flower is presented next to each statement, the thight or the dream of the child. The number of flower petals represents the age of the child. Since when a person dies, and especially so young, he remains forever young in his memory, naturally as long as the memory of that person lives on. Flowers are inherently ephemeral and fleeting. The artist wanted to convey precisely the nature of the memory of these children and of course to remind people of the happiness that us, living people today, actually possess, but do not always realize.

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