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Les ions d’amour

Ions of love BD.jpg

2018, 116X72 cm chaque toile, cellophane, acrylique sur toile. J’ai choisi de dessiner les ions négatives et positives qui réprésente l’amour avec le cellophane pour montrer que chaque sentiment a toujours le côté négatif mais qui  fait partie de son intégrité. De la même façon que quand on prononce vite le titre de toile, on a l’impression qu’on parle des lésions d’amour, alors qu’on parle des composants chargés.

The Luminious Union

The Luminous relations 81x116 2017 web

Each person is like a house of values. Her or his acts are motivated  by high and low floors of their value systems. These floors could change under experience, integrate more other floors, windows, that could be open or become closed.
When the people decide to engage into the union they accept the integrity of each other with his or her entire values. The houses of values are intact, one respects the liberty of other. This union shines and make the partners grown up more and more, making their hearts bigger and more generous. Though every union like a candie that melts, it ends one day, the light will feed the spirits ever.