Stella Polare portfolio

Autoportrait, 100x150cm, watercolour, 9500 euros,
especially for Recycle exhibition
Autoportrait, fragment
Autoportrait, fragment
Autoportrait, fragment
Autoportrait, fragment
Autoportrait, fragment

Autoportrait, fragment

The inspiration, 7000x150cm, watercolour on paper, 7000 euros
This is a story about a simple pencil that fell in love with a watercolor brush. Once upon a time, there was a simple pencil. He worked at the office, where his boss was a pencil sharpener. Every day he came home and dreamed to meet the one that would inspire him.Once on the way home, he meets a Watercolor Brush. He felt his creative soul. She came from the art world, where the pencils created – they wrote books, draw the drawings and lived a full life, this which meant the whole creative soul. The Pencil immediately fell in love with her, and he immediately invited her to the cafe. After the stories told by the Brush, the Pencil’s wings opened so much that he started drawing for her, and she began to color what the Pencil was drawing. So they started writing together and illustrating the books. ♥ Later they moved to Venice, in their beloved city, where Pencil and Watercolor Brush could still be in continuity.

 The inspiration, the whole drawing

The inspiration, fragment
The inspiration, fragment
The inspiration, fragment
The inspiration, fragment

#life, 200x150cm, watercolour on paper, 3000 euros
75×75 cm, mirror, part of « Project # » installation

Project #You

The project was created in order to reflet every person who will stand in front of the artwork of the #You series thanks to the mirror used in it.

Lion, Project #you, 50x50cm, oil on canvas, mirror, 1000 euros

Horizon, Project #you, 39,7×29,5cm, oil on canvas, mirror, 500 euros

Life, Project #you, 35x27cm, oil on canvas, mirror, 500 euros

Horizon est mort, vive l’horizon, Project #you, 50x50cm, oil on canvas, mirror, 500 euros
Trimmed Lamp, 50x50cm, oil on canvas, wood, 300 euros

80×80 cm, chinaink, glass, modeling clay, oyster shells, ink on paper, price 700 euros.
This chess play is created to express the play between the positive and negative emotions. The drawing on the board is presented by the image of synapse, that transmits the energy from one side to other. The pieces are made of broken glasses to underline the fragility and the possible agressivness of the blessed sentiments with symbols of 5 senses: listening, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling. The sides are of the same colour. If even they seem to struggle as they are on oppositivie sides, they are not.

70×100 cm
acryl, cellophane, cushion on canvas, price : 300 euros
polyptique, 120×60 cm 
cellophane, acryl, canvas, price: 500 euros
The ions of love,
Cellophane, acrylique on canvas, 200x140cm, price 700 euros
Cellophane, acrylique on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, price 300 euros
27 000 km,
Cellophane, acryl on canvas, 300 euros
38×47 cm, lipstick, mascara, letter envelopes on paperboard, price 500 euros
cellophane, acrylique on canvas, 100×70, 500 euros
Stop leaking your time,
cellophane, plug, dry pastel on paper, 50×65 cm, price : 500 euros
100×70 cm, 
acrylic, cellophane on canvas
price: 500
acrylic on canvas, 
45×95 cm, price 300 euros
80×80 cm, oil on cavas, price 400 euros 
Oil on canvas, 80×80 cm, price : 500 euros
Master of oneself, 
80×80 cm, oil on canvas, 
price 500 euros
Fathers’ love,
oil on canvas, 27×35 cm, 
price: 500 euros 

All the artworks are signed Stellla Polare. The real name of the artist is Khulkar YUNUSOVA. She was born in Uzbekistan. She lives and works in France. Her grandmother gave her the name Khulkar that means the polar star. The last determined her artistic signature.

After the studies in Economy and Management Stella Polare worked for different projects, particularly in pediatrics oncology at the latest stage. Visiting hospitals and seeing patients suffering from oncology diseases made me feel the life different. Little patients, being so physically fragile, were spiritually so adult and mature, that made a great impression on the artist. These children are deeply conscious of the death. Their least moment of the pain settling down is a synonym of the happiness. They are using all they have : their energy, their time to live entirely. This wisdom turned Stella Polare’s static perception of the “happiness” into something that moves on permanently. Before it consisted of the social positions of the Uzbek and the French woman. The happiness meant being a good wife on one hand, and being emancipated on the other.

Today Stella Polare’s “happiness” is as ephemere as the light in permanent contrast with shadow. “Can I be happy during a long time without being afraid of death neither altering with the moment of pain? Why be afraid of the Death if the only Death is absolute as motivates to our best now?” Thèse are the questions that Stella Polare’s roses in her art since 2014, the year she started to create.

The univers of Stella Polare is very diversified, due to her rich experience. She uses photocamera, brush, oil, acrylic, canvas, ink on paper making her masterpieces as well as experimenting with used cotton cleansing pads, old clothes, cellophane shipped with offered canvases, all things that has lived their first life to give them a new one until their other transformation.

2018, International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2018, Sept, collective exhibition with other residents of « Galérie Beauté du Matin Calme » gallérie

2018, personal exhibition “Recycle” at The Tashkent House of Photography, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2018, May, Oct: participation at “Art Shopping”, contemporary art salon at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2018, April, participation at International Festival «All the colours of Russia» at the Russian Embassy in France

2018, February participation at “Show Art” Astoria Hotel, Saint Petersbourg, Russia

2018, personal exhibition “The Woman” à LCL Versailles Paroisse, Versailles, France

since 2018 she exhibits her artworks at Gallérie Beauté Du Matin Calme, Paris

2016 personal exhibition «Stella Polare» at Alliance Française , Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2016 personal exhibition «Ode à Lille» at «Lion d’Or» real estate agency, Lille, France

2016 personal exhibition «The voyage of the soul» at LCL Versailles Paroisse bank, Versailles, France

2016 personal exhibition «The perfume of Versailles» at LCL Versailles Paroisse bank, Versailles, France

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