marble coaster designed by Stella Polare


dessous de verre Stella Polare marble coaster

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Marble coaster with « Joy of open mindness » Stella Polare drawing Stella Polare .
This creation will bring the elegant touch to your decor. In addition, as a coaster it will protect your table and enhance the dishes.
This is a limited edition of 20 coasters on marble.
Stella Polare , Franco-Uzbek artist, Franco-Uzbek artist, based in Puteaux, next to Paris.
Origin of marble: Fumane, region of Verona known for its marble.
8 out of 20 designs are available for purchase.
Italian marble, signed by the Franco-Uzbek artist
size: 10x10cm,
price for one coaster: 31 euros.

Stella Polare marble coaster


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