Main Stella Polare projects

Main Stella Polare projects have the objective to apply and to develop the concept of the vitaculture to all the spheres of the life. Vitaculture is the joy urgency. Today, Stella Polare is interested at how the vitaculture is executed: people, women and men, society, some particular defined people, letter H in the French language and others.

  • 2020 – Crown of Tretyakovskaya Prize holder for « Minotaur » lockdown drawing
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  • 2020 – Institute of Uzbekistan
  • 2020 – Muhammad project, Collective exhibition in Karakalpakstan art gallery.
  • 2020 – co-organizer of the “Living Thoughts” project in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Ruhsor and the team of artists from Uzbekistan at the Bukhara State Museum.
  • 2020 – Joy urgency of the letter H of the French alphabet
  • 2020 – project « Uzbek soul prints » at the Oriental Fashion Show, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
  • 2020 – “Not Me” project at the “Imitation” experimental theater festival, Samarkand
  • 2019 – project « Children – flowers of life: Unrealised future », UNESCO « Art without borders », Paris, France
  • 2019 – « Silk Road » project 2019 at the event of the same name at the Château d´Asnières, France
  • 2019 – Project “Children – Flowers of Life” at the Bukhara State Museum as part of “Dialogue”, organized by Normurod Negmatov; Sputnik magazine recognized the Stella Polare project as the most touching project of the entire Dialogue event.
  • 2019 – project “There is a letter for you”, curator, Normurod NegmatovAysel Gallery, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • 2019 – project “I am happy », Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center, Paris, France
  • 2019 – “Children-Flowers of Life” project, Bonum Factum Gallery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 2019-18 participation in the « Art Shopping » art fair at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
  • 2019 – Personal exhibition « Uzbek soul prints » at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France, Paris, France
  • 2019 – Fireworks Project, Ball “Tsars et des Tsarines” at the Cercle Intéralié, Paris, France
  • 2018 – International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 2018 – Personal exhibition “Recycle” at the House of Photography in Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 2016 – solo show “Stella Polare” at Alliance Française, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

To watch the video project of the exhibition

In Uzbekistan people say « Bolali uy bozor, bolasiz uy mozor ». That means «The house with children is a bazaar, the house without is a cemetery». Uzbek people love children and call them the flowers of life, so where the name of the project comes from. 

Within this project, messages are written and a flower is presented next to each statement, the thight or the dream of the child. The number of flower petals represents the age of the child. Since when a person dies, and especially so young, he remains forever young in his memory, naturally as long as the memory of that person lives on. Flowers are inherently ephemeral and fleeting. I wanted to convey precisely the nature of the memory of these children and of course to remind people of the happiness that we, living people today, actually possess, but do not always realize.

« Unrealised future » vidéos séries, exhibited at UNESCO.

Hereby the videos that reflects the unrealised memories, unrealised future of the children dead from in cancer. They are all in différent languages of the world. The form the artist has chosen is blurry as memories in our heads that are not fixed.

With my videos, Stella Polare wanted to show exactly this transition, which is more suitable than ever to memories and unfulfilled dreams. She wanted to make it interactive, so she has chosen that the sound would be recreated at each new diffusion. As during her UNESCO speech the sound of the video was the translation of the messages. This video contains the dreams of the children, the messages are in Chinese, Uzbek, English, French, Spanish, Arab and Osetin languages.

Performance « The dreams of sick children, who have died of cancer », one of Stella Polare’s main projects. These are the dreams, thoughts of children inscribed on yellow ribbons, 2019, Boukhara Museum, , curator Normurod Negmatov, 2019
"Children, the flowers of life" 15 drawings series on the occasion of the 15th of February, International Childhood Cancer Day.
The drawings were created on computer from photos and drawings for Une nuit pour 2500 Voix. This is events, who unites scientists, associations on the Childhood Cancer Day.

The number of copies printed is: 88. 88 refer to wish for happiness and good fortune in Chinese. Here the artist uses this number to wish happiness to all the children, their families and everyone who will participate in this event, as organizer, buyer, creator and others.

The project “You have a letter”

Distributing scelled letters to everyone who comes to Aysel galleryof in Samarkand. The innovation of this project consisted in that obligation the receiver of the letter reads it at home (out of context of art) in private. The scelled phrase was the message from the ill children «I’m happy». Thus, the message went out of the art context and the message readers became the authors of the phrase, deleting the place of the artiste. The phrase automatically become their own as it starts by «I…» Since he or she read it alone, at the level of physiological reflexes he felt how true it was that he was reading. Curator Normurod Negmatov.

Children come to this world from the abstract to the figurative world. At birth, he or she will acquire a name, as well as a vocabulary with specific meanings. The last have more or less the same meaning depending the languages. Living a “figurative” life, the child’s body dies and thus it goes nowhere. The state between the the start of living and the end is expressed in this. The life the ill and dead child could live could live but did not.

Projet #, présented during the Biennale of contemporary art, 2018, Tachkent, Ouzbékistan

Today new technologies are part of our daily life. With the development of science and the means of communication, progress is accelerating more and more. It improves our lives and gives us hope for a better future.
It is the story of a joy urgency of a contemporary man who tries to reference himself as best as possible through his publications on the internet. In search of his fame and the desire to be as well known as possible, the hashtag becomes his primordial liver through which he sees the glow of happiness. But is it really happiness if the hashtag framework can stifle his personality and cause him to lose the connection to his soul? He can forget what real feelings are, or even get trapped by popular hashtags. Then the questions about the true personality of the man arise, about his true feelings.
The individual’s inner universe becomes (artificially?) Deep. What about relationships with our intimate surroundings? Is the hashtag a mirror of us? Is this real life? Life? #life?
Project « Not me », Festival of experimental thêatre, Samarkand, curator Normurod Negmatov, 2020

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