Joy urgency N 3

Michel Pastoureau, well-know historian, says that « our knowledge of today is not the truth, but the steps in the knowledge ».

In physics chaos means the property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions. It is also the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. Both of the meanings are close to my vision of « chaos ». This notion for Stella Polare is the slice of the situation too close to view in its entire form. It is also too little to understand the chaos system’s laws. But actually it is a part of the big higher order, that we will might further understand later. Stella Polare also studies the chaos through the vitaculture concept. This is about studying the the consciousness of people, letters (especially the letter H in the French language), social situations, linked to time. The existence mechanism of these species may appear like chaos to someone. But actually it is only the sort of photo of the situation, that could be revealed later, It has for sure its own logic, that can change because it has its own development plan.

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