Joy alphabet collection by Stella Polare

This collection bears the name of the alphabet of the abstract, it is a metaphor. These are the elementary elements that we use to exchange and communicate and that we know or pretend to know.

Historically the letter A of the Protosinaitic alphabet originates from the letter aleph which was written in the shape of a bull. This animal represented the driving and reproductive force, the economic and fundamental energy for the prosperity of society. Since the bull is the engine of agriculture, but also the means of transport, It is the possibility, the beginning of Man, his birth, the beginning of his journey, the crossroads of his thousand possibilities …

Letter A , oil on canvas, size: 72,5×99 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter B, oil on canvas, size: 70×100, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
The letter B derives from the letter of the Protosinaitic alphabet. In the writing the house or bayit the letter bet was first represented by the square, sometimes the dot in the middle, the fireplace lit, later the signs with the door open.
In Egyptian hyeroglyph, there is a sign which is a uniliterate phonogram and which gives the sound h. It is written like the building plan, seen from above.
It is these movements which are at the heart of the creation of this work which can decorate your interior, make you think of the sources of our existence and above all equest the senses that we put in the letters and the words that we use.

Letter C, oil on canvas, size: 35×27, 2020. Price : 750 euros.
Lettre C de l’urgence de la joie🤩 C provient du guimel protosinaïtique, en fait l’image du chameau. Au fait, il donne naissance au gamma grec. Chameau le symbole des grands voyages et de la force que l’on tient en soi hors de son lieu de naissance initial. Ce sens en parle beaucoup d’autres comme la rupture avec l’initiale, être libre de toute compensation, pension. Et oui car le cycle de vie natiral arrive, en commençant par À (la force de base), B (le lieu de la force, qui est la maison) et enfin en sortant en voyage🕊️🤩 C Et chacun a son propre Abc, son propre Abc façon d’urgence de joie🕊️

Letter D, oil on canvas, size: 100×73, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Our letter D comes from the 4th letter of the protosinaitique alphabet, which means door in hebreu. The initial being of the D, is standing for openness. Some people see in D the feminine breast in it. The last enriches with the new senses, i. e. the weaning, leaving the feminine breast to open the door of the new life. It is a sort of birth or renaissance in life, or during life.

Letter E, oil on canvas, size: 116×81 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter F, oil on canvas, size: 73×50, 2020. Price : 750 euros.
Letter J oil on canvas, size: 80×80 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

The shape of the letter J, I and Y comes from the letter yod of the protosinaitic alphabet. The original forms of this letter include all the variations around the hand, arm, forearm. Indeed, these forms were used to demonstrate, command, manifest, give orders, bless.

Letter K, oil on canvas, size: 60×73, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter L, oil on canvas, size: 80×80 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter M, oil on canvas, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter N, oil on canvas, size: 73×100 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter O, oil on canvas, size: 46×50 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter P, oil on canvas, size: 45×38 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter Q, oil on canvas, size: 40×40 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter R, oil on canvas, size: 40×40 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter S, oil on canvas, size: 50×50 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
Letter T, oil on canvas, size: 46×55 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter U, oil on canvas, size: 46×55 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter V, oil on canvas, size: 80×80 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter W, oil on canvas, size: 40×40 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter X, oil on canvas, size: 80×80 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.

Letter Y, oil on canvas, size: 80×80 cm, 2020. Price 1283 euros.

Letter Z, oil on canvas, size: 30×40 cm, 2020. Price : 1283 euros.
All of the artist's works are signed Stella Polare, which means the polar star. This is a translation of her real name, Khulkar, which her grandmother gave her. Since art became the artist's guiding star, she chose this pseudonym. Stella Polare was born and raised in Uzbekistan. Currently she lives and works in France.

After studying economics and management, she worked for 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry in France. The latest project in late stage pediatric oncology made a big impression on the artist. Visiting hospitals and following up on sick children with cancer has shown Stella Polare that life can be very different. The little patients, being so physically fragile, were spiritually so mature that it made him think a lot. These children are deeply aware of death and it is they who taught Stella Polare to value every moment of their life. The slightest moment of pain relief in sick children is synonymous with joy. They use everything they have: their energy, their time, to live as fully as possible. At that moment, the future artist realized that she wanted to devote herself to art. Every time Stella Polare left the hospital she felt more alive and happy than ever, as she realized that she was lucky to be alive, healthy and have the right to choose.

Today, Stella Polare projects aim to develop and apply the concept of viticulture in all areas of their life. Vitaculture is an emergency of joy. Today, Stella Polare is interested in how everyone practices their own viticulture. She says that in order to feel alive, happy, some people jump from a parachute, some preserve everyday life as a couple, when they lose their partner. Each person applies this necessary urgency of joy in their own way and in their conscience.
Main projects : Stella Polare exhibited in UNESCO, Louvre and Museum of Boukhara.

2020 - “Institute of Uzbekistan”

2020 - Crown of Tretyakovskaya Prize holder, 3rd édition

2020 - Muhammad project, Collective exhibition in Karakalpakstan art gallery.

2020 - co-organizer of the “Living Thoughts” project in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Ruhsor and the team of artists from Uzbekistan at the Bukhara State Museum.

2020 - project "Uzbek soul prints" at the Oriental Fashion Show, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2020 - “Not Me” project at the “Imitation” experimental theater festival, Samarkand

2019 - "Silk Road" project 2019 at the event of the same name at the Château d´Asnières, France

2019 - project "Children - flowers of life", UNESCO "Art without borders", Paris, France

2019 - Project “Children - Flowers of Life” at the Bukhara State Museum as part of “Dialogue”, organized by Normurod Negmatov; Sputnik magazine recognized the Stella Polare project as the most touching project of the entire Dialogue event.

2019 - project “There is a letter for you”, curator, Normurod Negmatov, Aysel Gallery, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

2019 - project “I am happy", Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center, Paris, France

2019 - “Children-Flowers of Life” project, Bonum Factum Gallery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2019-18 participation in the "Art Shopping" art fair at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2019 - Personal exhibition "Uzbek soul prints" at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France, Paris, France

2019 - Fireworks Project, Ball “Tsars et des Tsarines” at the Cercle Intéralié, Paris, France

2018 - International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2018 - Personal exhibition “Recycle” at the House of Photography in Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2018 - Personal exhibition "Woman" at LCL Bank Versailles Paroisse, Versailles, France

2016 - Personal exhibition “Stella Polare” at Alliance Française, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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