The Journey of the Soul

Every human being has his own way, that the destiny has offered him to live. Alongside the life the people savour or endure the adventures, situations, that bring them a lot of emotions of all the coulours. Our relations, our professional roles and social responsibilities, all our behaviour create the very conditions of our Mother Earth living. All the deseases, all the ecologic events, these are all we. We are all our Planet Earth.

This exhibition is dedicated to the emotions of every soul, human, natural, that make our Planet.



Our planet Earth has the soul. As any soul, its state varies.It looks like water always in mouvement. It is able to run deep or behave like the mustang horse. It might change the power of its wave and destroy the old spirit to comme to new order.

It is up to each person to decide the level of changes, that it could impact or that it could bring the superior and more flexible development.



The situations through the emotions we live forge our experience. This is the way our vision and our perception is built. We are sometimes blinded by our « a prioris ».



– Why me ?
– Why this evil ?
– I don’t understand.
– Yes, it happens to me.
– But still I do hope…



–  Is this the end?
– Must I continue to struggle?
– Yes, I feel that I can find the way out




– Yes! I have this power in me like the Earth so powerful and so inspiring!

–  I’m free finally of this imprisonment!

–  I refind this desire to live, anchored profoundly in me.



-I’m serein in this fight, so is Athens, the goddess of wisdom.



– Nothing is impossible even to win the walls!



– I know that I will live tomorrow!



– I have this love to life, as any creature on this Planet!



– As if the boat in search of the equilibrium, that protects on the surface of the water, I’m in harmony with this world.




– Like a see with its power and energy, I can overtake it


– My life is so beautiful, it is true fireworks




– That this spirit of fiesta always be with me like a rose in desert that lives!