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176x130cm, oil on canvas

Il s’agit de la démarche de la responsabilité sociétale, l’ADN de l’éthique que chaque toile porte. Cela peut paraître comme juste une abstraction, mais ces toiles sont plus que cela, elle démontrent les liens que nous avons avec nos clients, nos fournisseurs et les consommateurs.

Emotions wave

As a woman and a human being who loves to learn own feeling under the microscope I love to explain why some thing happen and why do not in my life and in the lives of those who ask me for a help

As an animal we are still the reactions of the hormones that meet in our bodies and thus we could loose oir consience or else sharpen our thought power to make oir dreams come through.

One of the first who could learn others to take profit of this was Toni Robbins, leader in self développement and founder of his own system of the happy life fill with passion. He proposes to change the convictions that are directly linked to our bad habits into the good ones 💱So you could make a sort of exchange in your life 🌊

Tell me have you ever done such a thing and how did it change your life ?

On the photo my new canvas, 32.5×41 cm
Located in Paris, France for now, you are free to visit it at my atelier
Available for sale 🕊️ * *