About Stella Polare

Khulkar book 21 juin-1

My signature is my biography.

All my artworks are signed Stellla Polare. My real name is Khulkar YUNUSOVA. I was born in Uzbekistan. I live and work in France. My grandmother gave me the name Khulkar that means the polar star. The last determined my artistic signature.

After my studies in Economy and Management I worked for different projects, particularly in pediatrics oncology at the latest stage. Visiting hospitals and seeing patients suffering from oncology diseases made me feel the life different. Little patients, being so physically fragile, were spiritually so adult and mature, that made a great impression on me. These children are deeply conscious of the death. Their least moment of the pain settling down is a synonym of the happiness. They are using all they have : their energy, their time to live entirely. This wisdom turned my static perception of the “happiness” into something that moves on permanently. Before it consisted of the social positions of the Uzbek and the French woman. The happiness meant being a good wife on one hand, and being emancipated on the other.

Today my “happiness” is as ephemere as the light in permanent contrast with shadow. Can I be happy during a long time without being afraid of death neither altering with the moment of pain? Why be afraid of the Death if the only Death is absolute as motivates to our best now?


2 thoughts on “About Stella Polare

  1. Zilola

    Замечательные картины! Мне очень понравились с Лиллем. Дальнейшего развития и новых прекрасных работ! :-*

    Liked by 1 person


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