« Golden Ribbon » scarf

Not many people know, what was the reason I have started to create.

The children suffering from the children cancers, these little créatures showed me their wisdom to live now, to appreciate this « Now » at the highest possibilities. At the moment their pain was diminuished they did what they wanted at the degree of their possibilities. This expérience had à great influence on me.
As I felt the the inner need to create,
I have become a professional artist.
Septembre is the month of the international awareness for childhood cancers 🎗️
This is the scarf created from the gold ribbon 🎗️, the septembre d’or.

The scarf cost without shipment is 100 euros, 50% of sales will be given to Institut Gustave Roussi.

Size: 45×45 cm
Can be personnalised at order.
Available for shipment at 4 weeks after order.

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