The pearl moments

– I want to give you a present.

– Oh thank you, dear. This is a long string, there are only two pearls on it. What does it mean?

– The life is not always easy, you have your objectives, projects, your partners, businesses, people that close to your heart and very dear to you. Sometimes the relations, work and even the most passionate projects become difficult to work out. Among all these difficulties there are the moments, that make you feel as a little child who felt itself cosy, beloved and very happy. These moments lend us wings, make us highly inspired and feel the real value of the life. I present this string to you so that you could make your own collection of the warm moments that would make you the richest person. You could take this cord anywhere till you remember these memories. Be very careful with pearls they are very fragile, and must be tied up very often of all the dusty heavy mood, quarrels and claims. The more you admire them the longer they will protect your soul.


Warm moments .jpg

oil on canvas / 70×63 cm

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